This week

Holy smokes, it is hot out.  106 degrees today with a prediction of 109-110 tomorrow, which would be a record for this area.

Despite the heat, I've been busy at work in the studio.  A few things I've been working on (I'm hoping to fill that wall up in the coming weeks):

I've been working on some less detailed, more expressionistic paintings.  Starting with some still lives and also a bit of landscape (even more abstract in the landscape).  You can see those in the images above.  They are acrylic on paper (300 gsm).

I also started experimenting with monoprints.  I have a lot to learn, but it is a fun process.  Here are a few that I was pleased with:

Then I've been working on another project that will culminate in a show with Bonnie Hull at our studios.  This will be on display in the October Open Studios.  To start with, we gessoed, with a rather pink gesso, 6 large pieces of paper.  I've only just started working on mine as you see on the table here:

And here a different one inspired by the upcoming eclipse.  My city will be inundated with visitors as we have one of the prime locations to view the event, so it is quite the topic of conversation around here:

And I will leave you with this hot squirrel trying to cool its belly on the wire...


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