This week

Greetings!  It has been busy week at my house as one summer camp for my daughter comes to a crazy end.  She participated this year in Children's Educational Theater and while it is a lot of fun and great learning, it is a very taxing schedule culminating in a lot of rehearsals and performances during the last week.  The schedule does afford me a little extra studio time, though, so that is where I have been.

So far this week, I have finished one larger painting (will share soon) and have begun experimenting with linen again.  I really enjoy painting on linen, particularly when I use my own cut linen pieces.  You might remember such work as this from last year:

Last week I made this piece in my sketchbook:

Not sure exactly what is going on there, but that is often the case in my sketchbooks.  The idea is to play with ideas, form, and color.  And then I had the idea to do cut pieces of linen, attach them to paper (for support), and then gesso them with a tinted gesso and follow it with a quick painting and or drawing.   The paper I used to back them is likely not heavy enough, but this is just an experiment and I do think they look quite nice:

Next up, I am going to try attaching the linen to the wooden panels I use so often.  As it happens, I am ready for some more experimentation.  After working on some larger, more detailed work I would like to make some smaller pieces more quickly, rapid brushstrokes focusing on form and color and less on polished details.  The next couple of months will have me pushing my comfort zone away from the smooth to the rough and thicker paint.


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