Studio Sunday and a Short Break

A few random shots around my studio at Mission Mill.  First, some newly dried lavender to enjoy while I work:

The dollhouse is coming along very slowly (it takes a lot longer than I imagined to paint each of those rooms):

Next up, a sneak peak at some new little portraits.  I will share some more about them soon. 

I don't know who brought this vintage box of art materials I found in one of the common areas of the studios...


 ...but I was very glad to see that they were "Free of Poison"...

Tomorrow I leave for California and will be gone for a week, so I expect a short break in posts.  I might post on my Instagram (here) from time to time while I'm gone.  Also, I have set up a new Flickr account.  Not a lot on there yet, but you can follow it here.  Have a good week!


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