Last weekend my daughter requested help in building a teepee in the back yard.  I haven't had the best success with teepee building in the past, so I helped her build what I would call more of a "round house" using the tree as additional support.  The house is not finished, it was raining rather a lot all weekend, but the base of the structure is there and is awaiting vegetation for the walls and final touches inside (though she did decorate with some flowers already).  I was pretty pleased with how it turned out and that it hasn't fallen down yet.  I am enjoying the affect of the interwoven branches forming a bit of a dome over top.

And then I just had to share this.  This is a mystery rose growing in my garden.  The blossoms start pink but turn violet as they age, and then there is that hot pink thing going on in the middle of some of them.  It is a trailing rose and I think just blooms once a season, please share if you know the name.


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