Studio Sunday

After 3 months of preparing for my show this month, both of my studio spaces became a bit...messy.  I've been trying to tidy them, a little at a time.  This is my corner at home and it is still quite full of inspiration from the show.  I'm slowly redistributing things.  There are some new works in progress on the shelf (Ikea) for me to consider, some of my pottery collection (which featured in some of the paintings in the show, I wish I could tell you the name of the gentleman who makes the beautiful blue-green pieces but it escapes me at the moment), a couple of sculpture busts I made last summer, and various other oddities.

I also have a magnetic board which has a revolving collection of things on paper mostly by other artists.  Currently there is an original collage by Vivienne Strauss, a print by Betsy Walton, a handwritten quote (by me of Picasso), and special (or should I say "speshol") art made by my daughter when she was younger.

Coming up this Thursday is the reception for my show at Compass Gallery.  5 to 7 p.m., 1313 Mill St SE in Salem, Oregon.  There will also be Open Studios for the artists upstairs (including mine), a featured artist in the classroom, Leonard Kelly, and more.  


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