April Show: Memento Mori

The show for April at Compass Gallery is all set up and I'm so excited to share with you a few images of the gallery.  It is a fantastic space and the light has been especially bright the last few days as the sun has finally come out.

A huge thank you to Bonnie Hull for helping set up the show.  It will be up until May 4th.

There was a lovely write up in the Salem Weekly about the show here.

And in case you would like to read more, here is my artist statement for the show:

Memento Mori: 
A Reminder of the Shortness and Fragility of Life and Memory

This body of work is influenced by the ephemeral both in life and memory.  As inspiration, I used aging or deteriorating specimens of nature and discarded vintage photographs to reflect the transience in both.  The shriveled flowers, browning leaves, and empty branches will be replaced with the new spring buds; the hundreds of photographs of forgotten people lost with the renewal of generations.  Both represent impermanence and the impossibility of remembering it all.  They both also exhibit the uncertainty of life while giving a sense of hopeful renewal.  The pattern of the universe is played out over and over: in life and death, remembered and forgotten.

I will share more here of the individual paintings in the coming weeks.


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