Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mapping the Garden and Open Studios

"Mapping the Garden: Southwest Corner"
I have recently finished the final Mapping the Garden painting, this time the southwest corner.  Since I have been following the seasons through this series I only had winter left to paint.  We had no snow this winter, so I used a photograph I took maybe a couple of years ago.  I suspect that it was late winter, due to the crocus blooming, but it was too sweet a shot to be too picky about such a detail.

Here is a (sadly poorly lit) shot of the four paintings together:

Very pleased with how they turned out and I learned so much in this project.  In the next couple of days, Bonnie Hull (amazing artist and friend) and I will be hanging our pieces from this joint project at our studios.  There is an Open Studio night this Thursday from 5 to 7 pm, Willamette Heritage 1313 Mill St SE Salem, Oregon.  Hope to see you there.

Next post coming soon, my new project...  Revisiting some ideas from the past and combining them with what I've explored lately (plus, playing with some new materials).  I'm excited to share with you my progress.