Thursday, May 28, 2015

Studio Update

I have been moving things around at the studio lately.  I've something new in mind for my work, and I'm transitioning things in anticipation of that work.  More on that the meantime...

I took the big easel back to my home studio and am working off a transportable table easel here (possible sneak peak on the easel there, but it is in progress so who knows...).

These are window clings made from acrylic gel medium, paint, and collage.  Very hard to photograph and get the whole affect.  I made one for each of the windows.

The folders on that shelf, and seen below, are the Hobbit Project folders.  Completely done and filed safely away, down to the last quote.  

(Just so you know, it looks so terribly clean and organized because I took these photos just after Open Studios last Thursday and is still set up from that event.)

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