Monday, October 27, 2014

Mapping the Garden

Today I am sharing the second painting I have completed in a series I'm working on with my friend Bonnie Hull called "Mapping the Garden."  I mentioned in a previous post, we are creating a piece based on each of the four corners of our own gardens.

I previously shared a portion of this painting of the southeast corner:

This next one is the northeast corner:

I decided to follow the seasons around my yard.  The first one is spring; the second is summer.  I have to say the northwest corner is a challenge (that one will be autumn).  It lacks in inspiration and I have been moving slowly on it, but the final one for the southwest corner I already have in mind (rose hips in snow)... unless I change my mind, naturally.  It did just occur to me I should check out that troublesome section today as we have had some storms.  Perhaps there are some interesting fallen branches or the like to inspire me.  Will keep you posted.

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