Friday, September 12, 2014

Working on There and Back again

Not to worry, we are nearing the end of my Hobbit illustrations.  I thought it might be interesting to see just what all I have to do with these illustrations once they are complete (and they are and have been for some time...).  I am trying to complete all the work on them so when the last Hobbit post goes live, I will be completely finished with this project.

As I mentioned, the illustrations have been finished for awhile.  However, many have been in a stack just waiting for some attention.  Here is what I do...

Stack waiting to process (look how small it is!! only 55!)

The back of an illustration
On the back of each illustration, I write information about the project, the quote (or information) used to inspire that particular illustration, what medium was used, and then I sign it.  All 303 illustrations will have this on the back.

Next, I scan it, create a blog post, update my website (I have a new page for the Hobbit project under construction in which I am loading the quotes for each illustration on there as well, will let you know when that is complete).  Then, it gets a protective coat of UV safe spray and goes into a folder:

Protective Folder (there will be 7 of these)
Then, because the illustrations are a little too small for the folder sleeves and tend to shift around when someone wants to look at them (and because I apparently needed something else to do) I am adding black photo corners to hold each piece in place without adhesive.  However, it would have been harder to read the quote without a great hassle so I'm also printing off and adding the quote used for each page so it will be (hopefully) so easy to look through these folders...

A page from the folder (excuse the glare)
That is mostly everything, minus a couple other boring details.  Perhaps you can see why this stayed almost untouched for so long... it is rather daunting.  Still, I am almost done!  See below, the stack of illustrations on the left waiting to be processed.  A few weeks ago that stack was much, much larger.


Carole Reid said...

Hello Elizabeth. Daunting for sure but you are so close to the end. Your dedication to this project inspires me to continue with mine.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Carole! I almost didn't want to finish posting about this project, but I figured I had better just do it. I'm glad you are inspired by it and hopefully that knowledge will help me to get this done! :)