Thursday, September 4, 2014

Three Little Portraits

A few more new little portraits...

"Blue Eyes" Acrylic on 3 x 5 inch wood panel.

"Peggy's Friend Guy" Acrylic on 6 x 6 wood panel.

Remember Peggy's friends?  They are based on a group of photographs, senior photos I think, from 1970.  All friends of someone named Peggy.  I was in the mood for working on a couple (see Denise below), but Guy I've actually painted before.  I couldn't resist another one, something about his hair I think.  The quote on the back of his photo to Peggy: "Peg, Good luck in the future.  I don't know you very well, but if your a friend of Steff's, you gotta be alright. Guy"

"Peggy's Friend Denise" Acrylic on 5 x 7 inch wood panel.

On the back of Denise's photograph she wrote, "Peg, I guess math is just a thing with us.  I'm real glad we became friends back at (?)ast.  Your a great friend & we have a lot of memories to cherish.  Be good and lots of luck.  Love Denise"

I really tried to figure out that word with the question mark, but I can only assume it was an abbreviation for something.  

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