Monday, September 29, 2014

There and Back again, Pages 269 to 273

From: There and Back again, An Illustration Project of The Hobbit

Page 269
Page 269: "He drew from a pocket in his old jacket (which he still wore over his mail), crumpled and much folded, Thorin's letter..."

Ink and pencil on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 270
Page 270: "It was as if a globe had been filled with moonlight and hung before them in a net woven of the glint of frosty stars."

Ink and acrylic on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 271
Page 271: "As they passed through the camp an old man wrapped in a dark cloak, rose from a tent door where he was sitting and came towards them."

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 272
Page 272: "He was soon fast asleep forgetting all his worries till the morning.  As a matter of fact he was dreaming of eggs and bacon."

Acrylic gouache on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 273
Page 273: "Soon a single runner was seen hurrying along the narrow path."

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

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