Friday, September 5, 2014

Catching Up

Deepwood garden in Salem, Oregon

You might have noticed a sudden increase in posts here.  I have been woefully behind on all my sites for quite some time.  I'd like to say that it all fell behind due to several, large back-to-back commissions over the last year which did keep me rather busy.  Of course, if I was being completely honest, I would also say I just let it slide behind.  And, perhaps you know how this goes, once I was a little behind it snowballed until I just didn't even know where to start to catch up.  When I was faced with computer work verses painting, painting won out every time.

However, as I often find to be the case, once I just start working on it suddenly it all doesn't seem as daunting.  It even becomes fun to make lists and check things off as I get various sites, inventories, and files up to date.  

So I plan to be here more regularly.  Also, if you subscribe to my newsletter you will be seeing one in your inbox sometime in October.  One more thing to check off my list.

Thank you all for continuing to be here through the dry spell!

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