Thursday, January 30, 2014

There and Back again, Pages 193 to 197

I suddenly have a lot of paintings to complete in the next couple of months or so, but I am determined to continue to get caught up on these Hobbit posts.

From: There and Back again, An Illustration Project of The Hobbit

Page 193
Page 193: "'To smell apples everlastingly when you can scarcely move and are cold and sick with hunger is maddening.'"

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.  The quote is from Fili after being stuck in a barrel in the river.

Page 194
Page 194: "The gold gleaned on his neck and waist: his eyes were dark and deep."

Acrylic and acrylic gouache on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 195
Page 195: "From one great shone many lights and there came the sound of many voices."

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 196
Page 196:            "The King beneath the mountains,
                                  The king of carven stone,
                              The lord of silver fountains
                                   Shall come into his own!"

Ink and colored pencil on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 197
Page 197: "…and cargoes of rich presents coming down the river to Lake-town."

Acrylic gouache and ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

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