Sunday, August 11, 2013

Project Space 2013

My "studio" time at Project Space in downtown Salem, Oregon, is now complete and for a few more days the artists will have on display their work.  I started off, as you might recall, working on a project inspired by my great great Grandmother's quilt.  I soon found that I wanted to change that up a bit and will be revisiting it soon (bigger, looser, hopefully better).  However, for the remainder of PS I collaborated and explored some different ideas.  I have put the stitched pieces into fabric in order to create a cloth book (very much want to make more of these!), which is currently loose and will be stitched up at a later time.  I'm hoping to add another page or two to it later as well and I'll share all that with you then.

I took these photographs at Project Space, so the light and position are not ideal.

First, the start of Delia's Quilt Project (as I'm calling it), as some of the stitches are white they and are difficult to see here.  Will have to photograph it at home with proper lighting later:

A collaboration between my daughter drawing and my stitching was suggested by another artist at PS:

And here Bonnie Hull has stitched one of my daughter's drawings to include in the book:

The final collaboration between my daughter and I (a little difficult to see here, but it is a fish with a light):

And my final piece is going in the direction I'd like to take my fiber work.  Rather than using the cloth as a canvas as sorts depicting objects as narrative (which is where my painting is headed, will share more about that soon), the cloth is the object and my process is the narrative (thank you Roger and Bonnie Hull for that process revelation!).

Hopefully, you can click on these to see them more fully.  As always, I learned so much working down at PS.  When I began my time down there, I had an idea of where to take my paintings (again, more on that later), but was barely grasping what I wanted to do with the stitch work.  I now know my next step for not only the Delia Quilt Project but also my work in general.  I'll discuss that more in depth later as well.

Here's a look at the table my work is displayed on:

I was going to show you the photographs I took of the whole space, but instead I highly recommend visiting this site to see photographs of the entire space taken by Phil Krug.  Interesting mix of projects this year and you'll see my table more clearly there than here.