Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Project Space 2013

Time for this year's Project Space with the Salem Art Association and I will be working down in this new location, 365 Ferry St (Salem, Oregon), with 8 other artists for the next three weeks.  The fourth week, August 7-14, will be an exhibition  by the artists.  The open hours for the studio time are roughly 10am to 2pm, though I will not likely be down there all of the "open" hours, but as many as I can.  

What will I be working on?  Well, something very new.  It is a fiber piece inspired by my Great Great Grandmother's quilt.  This quilt is something I've long been inspired to create something about and I never could decide how to go about it.  Seemed appropriate to work with fiber instead of paint for this one and I'm hoping to continue the fiber work beyond it (as well as keep painting, not to say that will stop of course, particularly as I'm on a run of it).  The piece I am working on will take me long after Project Space is over, but I hope to complete a square or two of it. 

I will share some photos soon of Project Space as well as my work down there and since I am writing that down, hopefully I will make that so.  I have been very blog-negligent lately, shame on me.  If you are in the area and stop in, I'm sitting in front of the window next to Bonnie Hull who is also stitching (some really amazing stuff!) and my daughter whose work inspired another artist, Deanna, to suggest I stitch some of her drawings and I think I will!  That's why I love working at Project Space, always finding new inspiration.  Come have a look!