Friday, June 21, 2013

In Progress

Happy almost weekend all.  I have been busy prepping panels for more oil painting.  I cannot seem to get enough of the oils at the moment so I am just riding along, painting like crazy.  I have a woman sitting in a boat on a lake and I am figuring out how to get the water just so.  And here are a few faces almost complete and a couple other panels receiving some gesso:

It will be a few months before you see them again as they will have to dry for awhile, being oil paint and all.  I'm very inspired by this simple approach right now and in addition to faces, I've started some objects around my house as well.  Artifacts, I'm calling them.  I've always struggled to figure out just what I want to paint and how I want to paint it, but the fact is I always come back to this.  Simple and yet detailed.  Perhaps I should pay more attention to that and stop floundering around so much.  Overstatement I'm sure, but that is how it feels sometimes.

I just received a big shipment of panels and I keep looking at them in the cupboard because it is just so much fun to get new supplies, don't you think?