Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Work

Greetings!  Sorry for the very long absence.  I didn't even want to look to see just how long it has been, I'm sure it is ridiculous.  However, despite my terrible blogging habits I have been busy painting.  I just finished up these three little portraits, which will be headed to the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery:

"Allana" Acrylic on 3 x 5 inch wood panel

"Randall" Acrylic on 3 x 5 inch wood panel

"Marilla" Acrylic on 3 x 5 inch wood panel

Also going to the gallery are five little paintings which I created for their Art Blox machine.  Art Blox is an old cigarette dispensing machine that Mary Lou converted to dispense little pieces of art donated by artists.  The proceeds from Art Blox go to artists in need, a fund the gallery has had probably since its beginnings and has helped countless artist in times of personal crisis.  $10 buys you a token that you put in the machine and out pops an original piece of art the size of a pack of cigarettes.  There is no knowing what you will receive, which is part of the fun.  I decided to experiment with mine and play with form and color:

Next up, I've pulled out my oil paints.  My oil paintings always take longer, but there is just something about oil paint I cannot resist.  It is so organic.  And I will probably be returning to some of my previous themes in painting.  I have just been in the mood for them, though what the end product will be I couldn't say.   I have also started working on a new project now that my Hobbit project is finally coming to a close (yes the illustrations are done, but I still have all the other technical stuff to finish including scanning the remaining illustrations and sharing them here finally!).  I will fill you in on the next big thing very soon and that will hopefully get me back onto my little blog in a more timely manner.