Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Daughter the Artist

I love watching my 6 year old daughter make art.  While driving home one day last week, I told her about an upcoming show at our local Salem Art Association for school children and of course she wanted to submit a piece.  I said she should think about, over the next couple of days, what she would like to make and she replied she already knew.  Boom, just like that.  My how I envy her decisiveness.  She told me it would be an abstract painting with lines and circles about storms, rain, and wind.  So after we returned I gave her one of my nice papers and she got right to work:

The beginning.

Apparently you need a crown when you work.  No one ever told me that.

Careful use of color.
A lot of water spritzing so the paper had to dry for a bit.

Detail in progress.

And now for the finished piece:

"Lightening and Rain Slashing Through the Sky"
Acrylic on paper.
Artist statement:  "The yellow is the sunlight, the blue is the rain, and the thing through the painting is the thunder.  I like abstract paintings and it is also because I like to squirt water on it so it makes the designs."

The children's show runs March 8th through April 27th at Salem Art Association in Salem, Oregon.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

There and Back again, Page 177 to 186

Hello there, happy weekend.  Sorry for the absence, I was a bit under the weather and then was very busy.

So close now, so close to finishing the Hobbit illustrations (finished page 243 and have 60 more to go).  Dare I say... I hope to finish the illustrations in the next 2 weeks?  Much more to do updating them here, but I will get there in time.    Wishful thinking I suspect, finishing the making that is, but for sure I am getting very close to the end.  Already have my next project in mind, so that will keep me motivated.

On we go.  From: There and Back again, An Illustration Project of The Hobbit

Page 177
Page 177: "Very soon the chief guard nodded his head, then he laid it on the table and fell fast asleep."

Ink and acrylic gouache on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 178
Page 178: "Bilbo's heart thumped every time one of them bumped into another or grunted or whispered in the dark."

Ink and acrylic gouache on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 179
Page 179: "They passed a door through which the chief guard and the butler could be seen still happily snoring with smiles upon their faces."

Acrylic gouache, ink, and pencil on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 180
Page 180: "Thorin had given a lot of trouble, and turned and twisted in his tub and grumbled like a large dog in a small kennel..."

Acrylic gouache and ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 181
 Page 181: "So they sang as first one barrel and then another rumbled to the dark opening and was pushed over into the cold water some feet below."

Acrylic gouache and ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 182
 Page 182:       "Where the forest wide and dim
                          Stoops in shadow grey and grim!"

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 183
Page 183: "...but for all his efforts he could not scramble on top.  Every time he tried, the barrel rolled round and ducked him under again."

Acrylic gouache and ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 184
Page 184: Inspired by the thought of bobbing barrels in the water.

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 185
 Page 185: "All the same it was like trying to ride, without bridle or stirrups, a round-bellied pony that was always thinking of rolling on the grass."

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 186
 Page 186: "There was a mighty pushing of poles."

Acrylic gouache on 6 x 8 inch paper.