Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer's End

Summer is over, school is back in session.  And now I have big goals to get caught up on the computer.  In particular, to get back to a regular posting schedule here, update my website, make some decisions about other web locations I have (what to keep, what to not), and update my inventory.  Phew!  All that and I have to paint.

As my daughter ages, I have the misconception that I might have more time.  Hah.  Summer was packed full.  My goal this year is to get a ton of work done during the school year so that next summer I won't feel so terrible about not getting as much done in my studio as I would like.

The computer updates will go slowly as I only plan to dedicate a small portion of my day to it, but I will do it regularly so it will get there.  I also have ideas about where my work will be going next and will be sharing more about that soon.  But to give you a vague idea: I am working on some still life paintings in oil (though I am going to try a few in acrylic too), some more little portraits (some of which will be people and some not), more work with fiber, playing with illustration work which I tried before but never seemed to find the time (must make time), and experimenting with whatever I feel like because I find I grow more in my work when I don't restrict myself too much.

So excited to get all this going!  I will be starting next week, to give myself a couple days to get organized.  It sort of feels like January 1st with resolutions and really it kind of is, though in this "year" I will only have roughly 9 or so months.  Right now, that feels like an eternity but you know it will go by so quickly.

Since I don't really have any paintings to share with you (because photographing them is one of the things I need to get caught up on...), I will share this cute photo of our new puppy Rosie:

Australian cattle dog and almost 13 weeks old.  Guess she will be keeping me busy too.

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