Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In the studio: Curtains!

Yes, I'm posting about a curtain.  If you have followed my blog for awhile, you might vaguely remember over a year ago when I set up a new area for my studio and bought some material to make a curtain for the window (and I would be impressed if you did remember that).  Well, many, many months later I have finally made it and I'm so relieved pleased to finally have it done I had to share:

I made it myself I did.  With some awesome fabric from Ikea.  Here's a closer look:

I then tidied up the work space around it:

But not all of it:

Because I was up late last night working on this:

That's just a small part of the painting.  Those chevrons, they sure take a long time to paint.  Especially when you can't decide on the colors, but I think it is finally settled now.  Hoping to finish this piece and another this week.  Better get to work.


Carole said...

Gorgeous colours you've chosen, Elizabeth, for the painting! Bravo on the curtains!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Carole!

vivienne strauss said...

The best thing about procrastination ? How great it feels when you finally complete the task! Lovely curtains and looking forward to seeing the finished painting!

Elizabeth said...

That is so true, Vivienne. Much larger sense of accomplishment and greater relief to have it done.