Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little something for the day

On this Valentine's Day, I wanted to share with you these postcards that I received as a gift in a large batch of vintage photographs (thank you Candace!).  In case you ever thought that previous generations were oh so prim and proper, think again.

Mailed in 1910, lovely flowers, a sweet message.  Wait, what?   Can you read it?  If not, it says,

"Compel me not to toe the 
Be ever prim and true, 
But rather let me do those things 
That I ought not to do."

Then there is this one:

Written at the bottom of the card, "And judging from the scene above-- The AUTO is the CAR of love."

This next one almost looks like the same couple from the car, perhaps later in the day... 

"Do you mean business young man or are you only kidding?"

This last one is my favorite if only because of what the sender added:

From Gertrude to Linden (who was the recipient of three of the cards, all from different senders...) no date, it wasn't mailed like a postcard, but it likely is between 1908 to 1910, the dates on the other cards.  In case you can't make out what Gertrude added to the card:

And just a little something that Gertrude wrote on the back, "Say I would like to see you and tell you what I dreamed last night.  'Ha Ha.'  It was a peach."  Gertrude also goes onto to request a photograph of Linden and promises to send one of herself, but for him not to tell Nettie that she sent him a card or Nettie will kill her.  I cannot tell if one of the other postcards Linden received was from Nettie, but wouldn't that have been fun?

There you have it, a little love triangle for your Valentine's Day.  Have a good one.

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