Thursday, January 17, 2013

In my studio

A shot of my studio table this morning with a painting I'm current working on.  I'm trying something new: paintings inspired by quotes.  Sort of like the Hobbit series I suppose, but in this I have greater flexibility with the quote I will use.  This is the first one, and I'll share more about it later when it is done (though if you look super closely you might be able to see the quote I'm using sitting by the painting).  It is close, though it still needs a little something.  I'm so excited to try this on the next painting, this one was a lot of fun.


Carole said...

Exciting to watch you explore this new series! Great quote too.

Elizabeth said...

I'm having fun so far, even though I have been unable to finish this painting as of yet. Still needing one last thing, can't decide what so I had to set it aside and get started on the next one. Hoping it will solve itself.