Friday, November 30, 2012

New Paintings

Greetings!  It is the last day of NaNoWriMo and I have one scene left to write!  I passed the 50,000 mark around a week ago but have been hopeful I would complete the entire first draft before the end of the month and, barring major catastrophe, it looks like that will happen.  Of course, next there will be a ton of research to do followed by a major re-write.  But the bones are all there and I am feeling pretty good about it.

Now, onto paintings.  Last week I brought to the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery three new little portraits for their holiday showcase.  Each are 4 x 4 inches on wood panels painted in acrylic and are priced at $130 each.




And finally, I just put this last one in my Etsy shop.  It is also painted in acrylic but this one is a little larger on a 6 x 6 inch panel:


Now I better get back to my writing!  Hope to be back soon because, shame on me, where are all my Hobbit posts?  Hmmm....

Friday, November 9, 2012

This Week

Greetings!  I should be doing a Hobbit post, but perhaps later...  I thought I'd stop in to update you on my progress with NaNoWriMo and just a few other miscellaneous things.

First, a little late but so cute I had to share:

My six year old daughter designed these pumpkins and then I carved them.  I particularly like the one on the left, despite all the teeth I had to carve.  The angry cat on the right was considerably easier.

Next, an update on my book.  I am having a blast getting back to writing, I must admit!  I crossed the 20,000 word threshold yesterday, so I am feeling very good with my progress.  The story is coming along beautifully and I am having very little trouble so far despite the scant research I was able to do before starting.  It will certainly need a rewrite later with said research complete, but for now it is really not slowing me down. Are you curious about the story at all?  I will tell you that it is a historical mystery with just a hint of romance thrown in.  While this is not the first book I have written, it is the first full fledged mystery and I am having a lot of fun crafting it.  I have many notes, charts, outlines stuffed around my desk so I do not forget where I've been nor where I am going because it can get a little confusing and overwhelming at times given that I'm trying to get the first draft done in one month.  The goal for NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words and I will be quite happy if I reach that, but I'm rather hoping to finish the story (which I think will be quite a bit longer than 50,000).  I feel very confident about 50,000 words, less so about more, for the month.  But as I'm the sort that thrives under a goal and pressure so, barring illness or any other complications, I'll bet I will make it.

In other news, I'm working on some little portraits that will be traveling to the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery for her holiday showcase in December.  Just a few little ones, having some fun with the colors.  And I have an idea for something new for those little pieces, but it might have to wait until after the holidays as I have a larger painting that will need to get finished up next for a show in February.

And lastly, had to share this with you.  I popped over to Salem Art Association yesterday because their holiday showcase is up, but in particular I wanted to see my friend Bonnie Hull's special duct tape collages.  She is an amazing painter and quilter who also has a weakness for duct tape.  I managed to get one for myself:

Isn't that fun?  And only $10, I could not pass it up and am rather tempted to go back for more.  Please excuse the quality of the photo, it is rather difficult to photograph duct tape I discovered.  Here it is again on the shelf in my studio along with a couple of the portraits I'm still working on:

And my Andy Warhol Tomato Soup can I picked up from Target not too long ago.  Had to have one of those for my studio.  And finally, a look at what are probably my last roses of the season from my garden:

I only wish you could smell them, so lovely.  Have a great weekend!