Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Space

Finally, as promised, some photographs of Project Space.  Wednesday, August 1st, from 5-8pm is the next reception date, so please stop in if you can and have some refreshments.  Some really amazing new exhibits are set up down there (sadly, I have not yet photographed those) and I couldn't encourage you more to come in if you live in the area.  On to the photos.

It looks a little empty here at the beginning, but it gives you an idea of the space I hope:  

Along one side and closer to the front are the studio artists (you can see my little Hobbit illustrations hanging on the right):

In the front window, Corrine Loomis Dietz has placed these wonderful pieces that are made of acrylic gel mediums (Golden, she is a Golden rep. so naturally).  They just cling to the window and are so beautiful particularly when the light hits them just right:

A couple of photos of her area at the beginning:

And more recently:

And my friend Bonnie Hull who is working on some fabric pieces responding to and using her mother's gloves (so inspired by these!) and also some work starting with monoprints.  Some earlier shots:

And more recent:

So cool, a couple of those pieces she made in response to my little illustrations (like that one up above that says "howl" was responding to this:

I love the idea of responding to the other artists work, something I will take away for future ideas.  Here is my little spot (and you will notice my daughter has an area right next to mine):

She is having a wonderful experience working down there.  I need to take some updated photographs of her work area as she has filled it to the brim with paintings, collages, and cut paper pieces.

And now for just some random photographs of other work around the space.  Most of this is now gone, with I think one exception, as these are mostly exhibiting artists and they do rotate throughout the summer.


Artists were, in order and I hope I'm not leaving anyone out, Niels Nielsen, Barry Shapiro, Ting-Ju Shao, Barbara Rowland, Rosemary Depler Cohen, and Ann Kresge.

Sorry for the huge post but I hope you enjoy looking at it all.


annamaria said...

What an awesome place and artwork! It must be so inspiring to work in such a community of artists. xx

Carole said...

Wow......what a place of inspiration and talent! Thanks for posting all these photos. It gives us an idea of where you work, although I'm feeling a little lonely now.