Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There and Back again, Pages 61 to 65

From: There and Back again, An Illustration Project of The Hobbit

I've had some fun working with ink on these illustrations lately as you'll see with this next group.

Page 61
Page 61: "...for now the goblins took out whips and whipped them with a swish, smack!"

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 62

Page 62: "It is not unlikely that they invented some of the machines that have since troubled the world..."

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 63
Page 63: "...but let's have the truth, or I will prepare something particularly uncomfortable for you!"

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 64
Page 64: "Take them away to dark holes full of snakes, and never let them see the light again!"

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.

Page 65
Page 65: "Not for a long while did they stop, and by that time they must have been right down in the very mountain's heart."

Ink on 6 x 8 inch paper.


Carole said...

You are amazing! Keep going Elizabeth, you totally know it will be worth it!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Carole!