Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning at Deepwood

This morning I spent a couple of hours at Deepwood in Salem, Oregon, with my sketchbook and camera.  I'm working on a series of paintings inspired by local nature I visit or see in my garden and, in particular, all the flowers blooming right now.  Deepwood has a historic house and gardens maintained beautifully and has a fun woodland area with meandering trails.  I started my morning looking at this:

with a little tea and a favorite cookie (Almond Tea Cake):

Yum.  And a sketch:

Then I found some rhododendrons:

they were quite amazing:

Love the lichen on this tree trunk (I guess that is lichen):

Under a vine covered walk:

Love these branches:

I don't know what these are but the colors were amazing (I think they turned dark purple as they ripened):

This tree has had a hard time of it:

At some point it had a label but it, like many others, is gone:

Amazingly, it is still alive:

That is a little growth coming out the side and then also in the canopy:

I can't remember what these are called (May Apples maybe?):

And now for some trees or perhaps I should write former trees:

And finally, some very spring-like flowers which I think might be natives:

I worked on another sketch but was eventually chased off by a determined mosquito, the sound of a blower, and a school classroom visit.  Next time I'll bring my iPod and some bug repellant and then it will be perfect.


vivienne strauss said...

What a gorgeous spot! We should petition to make leaf blowers illegal :)

Elizabeth said...

Exactly. :)