Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The ice collector

"The ice collector" is on an 8 x 8 inch panel, painted in acrylic gouache, and is now in my shop.  Thinking about another ocean, icy, ships sort of idea for my next painting too.

I am very preoccupied figuring out a large illustration project that will take most of the year.  It is sort of a daily project but not and I'm still working out the details but soon I hope to start sharing, assuming I don't scrap the whole idea.  If I stick with it, I'll fill you in on the details maybe next week?  I'm hoping to get a good idea of it first before I totally commit to it.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Elizabeth I love this painting.
Its so well done and poignant too.
I'd very much enjoy seeing your large project!

Carole said...

Hmmm sounds interesting. Love your Ice Collector's scarf!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Julie and Carole!