Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now time to get some business done

I FINALLY finished the painting that I mentioned in my last post.  Above is a little detail shot (not changed greatly from the last photo I shared).  Hoping to get a newsletter out this week and it will include the whole thing.  It needs to be varnished and such first.

I really enjoyed working with the acrylic gouache and have ordered more colors but especially white as I pretty much used it up on this painting.  So while I wait for that to arrive, I am taking a short break on painting to get some other work done around here.  I think I mentioned before, I'm totally behind on the business side of things.  Ever since my computer broke (and perhaps just a little earlier than that...), I've struggled to catch things back up.  So I'll take the next 4 or 5 days to get things in order.

In case you were curious about the acrylic gouache, here is a little bit about my experience so far.  It is very rich in color and can do the tiniest of details.  It works a lot like regular gouache but once dry it takes a bit of work to lift the underlying color.  It can be done, particularly if you have a lot of water in place, but if you are careful the underlying coat can remain undisturbed.  Also, it dries matte which I really like.  So far, liking it better than acrylic and the matte affect gives it an organic feel that I get from oil paint (and missed with acrylic).  Don't know if that affect will remain after I varnish.  Speaking of, I'm hoping the painting will survive the process as I want to try a brush application.  I plan to spray it first a couple of times, then begin the brush applications.  So here's hoping.  If anyone has experience with this sort of thing, whether acrylic gouache or regular gouache, I'd love recommendations.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little studio time

Yes, I'm still here.  Sorry for the long delay in posts.  My old computer finally gave up and between learning a whole new system (I went from a PC to a Mac), transferring files, and just more technical stuff than I care to think about I am very behind in all things computer.  It has slowed me down considerably with blog posts and newsletters, but I'm hoping to get back on schedule very soon.  The upside is I am just that much closer now to being able to make my own prints (soon I hope!).  And I have a very fun, new computer.

While that has been and continues to be going on, I've been working like crazy on this new series of paintings.  They continue to take me longer than I expect but I'm just letting them develop as they need.  I've finished one since my last post (I'll share that later) and I think am close on another one.  Here is an in progress shot:

This one is fun because it is my first piece in acrylic gouache.  So far liking that medium very much.  It is super matte, hardly shows brushstrokes, and has a very organic feel to it for what is basically an acrylic paint.  Unlike acrylic paint, though, if working with a lot of water it does tend to pull off the previous layers.  Not as much as traditional gouache, but one does have to be cautious.  So far, so good and I'm seriously considering buying some more colors.

That's it for now, I hope to stop back in a little sooner next time.