Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the studio

I have finished one of the new paintings in the series I've been working on and I plan on sharing it here though only after I've finished one or two more.  I'm so pleased with it but it didn't end up quite like I thought it might, especially since I gave myself free reign to do whatever I wanted, in whatever style.  But that is alright, I'm happy with it and inspired to do more along the same lines and see where those end up.

Here I am working on the second (in a series of six, so far anyway):

This piece changed a bit already today after I took this photo. Some of the branches removed, another tree added in from the other side, part of the lower area changed, etc.  But I particularly like this area and hope to keep it at least in part:

It is the area in the lower left I like with the scratches and scuffs (hopefully you can see them).  Sort of an abstract bit yet fitting in somehow with the less abstract. 

After this one is finished, I'll have to move over to a couple of little portraits before getting back to these.  I suspect I will probably miss the looseness I have with these while painting the tiny details on little faces.