Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Studio Helper

Most of you probably don't know I do most of my work with a little green bird on my shoulder.  We got in the habit, he and I, of having him sit on me while I paint and now he won't let me do otherwise.

He knows the time of day when I normally paint and will alert me that this is HIS time.  Mostly, it works very well.  He sits, he preens, he tries very hard not to leave little presents on my back.  Other times, he tries to bite my brush.  But, after a gentle (or not so gentle) warning that he will be returned to his cage he reluctantly returns to his perch on my shoulder, nestling into my hair.  Probably heaving a little bird sigh.

His name is Rudy and he is a green cheek conure.  We call him a "he" but we actually don't know.

A little portrait I made for my husband this last year.  Rudy immortalized.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

A beautiful portrait of a very handsome bird.

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thank you!

Carole said...

Your studio helper has the most beautiful feathers. Does he ever gift one to you? It's cute how he'll alert you that it's painting time.
My studio helper is grey and purrs continuously while she bats at the paint brush!
Such helpful helpers!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

We regularly get feathers from Rudy. The most rare are the very blue ones as they are the ones normally clipped (and thus normally not visible) which is such a shame as they are beautiful.