Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little mouse

It is a busy week and you'll probably only see one more post from me before the weekend.  Next week might be a little light on posts too but then I hope to get back to more frequent postings.

I had fun with this little mouse (painted in acrylic gouache on illustration board).  You've seen him before here.  And I tried to keep in mind the previous illustration of this owl while working on him.  I like where these are going and plan to try the same ideas on illustrating a person next.  But first I want to work on another vintage photograph (like these) so I hope to share that next week along with a painting I am going to finish this week, by golly.  Sometimes a painting will take me way too long and this is one of those.  But I have to finish it now as I have to get to the next one which will be in an upcoming group show.  So it must be done!

Much to do, have a good couple of days and I'll check in once more probably on Friday.


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

The solid round, bright colors on the base he is standing on, with that spot of blue and the plant are a great setting for your mouse! Something almost Japanese about this.

I look forward to seeing that finished painting you mentioned.

HAPPY HOLIDAY TO YOU TOO and creative blessings for 2012.


Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thank you Lorraine, Happy Holidays to you too!