Monday, December 5, 2011

In My Sketchbook

A couple of sketches over the weekend.  My sketches lately are either planning for an upcoming painting or practicing.  I want to practice drawing and painting all different sorts of things but particularly nature and then doing whatever comes to mind with that little bit of nature.  I just let the sketches go where they will which is why they might seem a little random.  It is all about practicing and brainstorming.

It was a busy weekend of all sorts of holiday preparations and I'm already feeling that familiar holiday overload and am trying to ignore the fact that it is only the 5th.  I do love this season, but boy oh boy is it exhausting!


Carole said...

Hi Elizabeth, I did a posting on my journal collages today. You draw, I've been gluing! Happy day to you.

Elizabeth Bauman said...

What a great idea to do collages in your journal. I really need to try more collaging. I struggle with it and really need to practice some more.