Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inspiration: Scandinavian Patterns

I picked up a book at my local used, and new, bookstore (The Book Bin) called Designer's Guide to Scandinavian Patterns.  I love Scandinavian things, I must have Viking in my blood somewhere (I'm almost all Northern European so the odds are good I'd say that at least one got in).  Tomorrow I will share the other inspiration for why I picked up a book particularly about patterns.

Meanwhile, a few pictures from the book (had to use my camera for these so excuse the quality):

I tried out a few patterns in my sketchbook:

My favorites:

Especially that last one.  For whatever reason, I'm suddenly in the mood for colors like hot pink, orange, etc.  


Carole said...

Hot pink and orange are great colours for grey days of the Pacific Northwest!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

I suspect the weather has a lot to do with.