Friday, October 7, 2011

Practice, practice

As promised, here's a little peak at my practice piece for my upcoming day of painting at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery next Thursday.  Nine artists will paint one square each of Diego Rivera's painting "The Flower Carrier".  I stopped in at the gallery on Wednesday and saw the first completed square and am so excited to get mine completed.  You can follow the progress on the gallery blog.  Mary Lou posts each time an artist is in to paint.

Mostly, my practice involved planning (i.e. measurement and math to make sure my lines will line up with everyone else, here's hoping the next person to paint will be next to my square, makes it a little easier).  Using acrylic this year and this is just a rough sketch to get acquainted with the piece.  The square on top is Mr. Rivera's and below is mine:

While I'm hoping to change a few things in the final piece (adjust a few colors, fix the hat, etc.) I'm overall pleased with the effort.  The hardest part (well, one of the hardest parts) is not copying the original painting exactly.  It is important, to me anyway, that my square represent how I paint and not just replicate what Rivera did. It is easy to get absorbed into matching colors and brushstrokes and forget what I'm trying to do, forget to have it look like my own work.

While working, I made some notes:

Here's hoping I can read these notes later...  Mostly, I noted where I needed an additional measurement.  The measurements are important (for me anyway, don't know what the other artists do) and challenging because the square the gallery sends is about 9 inches square and the section I'll be painting is about 20 inches square.  I don't want to spend my day of painting with my calculator, so I figure out the measurements ahead of time.  Of course if all the squares around me were already painted, I wouldn't have to worry about this but as only one more artist will be working before me I will be lucky if their square is anywhere near mine.  On the plus side, I won't have to worry about messing up someone's work.

Here is last years finished piece, one of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits:

My area was around her ear, painted in acrylic and oil that time.  I'll be sure to post about my day of painting at the gallery!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

What a great idea.
You've done a stellar job on the hat and face.....
The Frida portrait is fantastic!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thanks Julie. The face is pretty basic, which is nice, not the complexity of Frida's.

Carole said...

This is a great project! I'd be a little intimidated doing it. Good for you!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Hi Carole, last year I was soooo nervous doing it! It took me awhile to settle down on the day of. This year, I'm feeling more relaxed about it though I'm sure when I first arrive I'll be a bit tense as I get it all outlined. It is really fun, in the end, to see everyone's squares together.

Laura said...

wow! how amazing. last year's painting is sooo beautiful. great job!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thanks Laura, it was a lot of fun!