Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little studio time

Yes, I'm still here.  Sorry for the long delay in posts.  My old computer finally gave up and between learning a whole new system (I went from a PC to a Mac), transferring files, and just more technical stuff than I care to think about I am very behind in all things computer.  It has slowed me down considerably with blog posts and newsletters, but I'm hoping to get back on schedule very soon.  The upside is I am just that much closer now to being able to make my own prints (soon I hope!).  And I have a very fun, new computer.

While that has been and continues to be going on, I've been working like crazy on this new series of paintings.  They continue to take me longer than I expect but I'm just letting them develop as they need.  I've finished one since my last post (I'll share that later) and I think am close on another one.  Here is an in progress shot:

This one is fun because it is my first piece in acrylic gouache.  So far liking that medium very much.  It is super matte, hardly shows brushstrokes, and has a very organic feel to it for what is basically an acrylic paint.  Unlike acrylic paint, though, if working with a lot of water it does tend to pull off the previous layers.  Not as much as traditional gouache, but one does have to be cautious.  So far, so good and I'm seriously considering buying some more colors.

That's it for now, I hope to stop back in a little sooner next time.


Carole said...

Once you get to know your Mac better you'll love it even more! Can't wait to see this painting finished. I've never used acrylic gouache so would love to know how it works for you.

Elizabeth Bauman said...

So far I really like the acrylic gouache but I'm still figuring out all it can do. I'll know better after a few more paintings what I really think of it I suspect.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I've just gotten some new acrylics and was looking through the catalog for yet more colors I seem to need. I like the matt idea.....
your work in progress is wonderful, i like that big swath of what looks like a sort of ochre?

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Yes I think that yellow is some sort of an ochre. Of course, that is gone now and looking at this photograph I've surprised myself with how much has changed. Must be why this painting is taking me so long to finish.

I definitely need some more colors, I feel a bit limited with what I have. It is tricky, though, when trying a new medium because I'm unsure how much I should invest in it before really deciding if I like it.