Monday, August 8, 2011

A little update

A little detail shot of that work in progress I shared before.  It is taking considerably longer on this painting than I anticipated but that is so often the case with new ideas.  Loving this little section so far though it has changed just a bit since I took this photo.  A little more translucent paint, having fun with layers.  I'm hoping in just a couple more days this piece will be done (I promise to show it here when complete).  I'm excited to try these same concepts on another piece and see how that goes.

By the way, in case you were wondering, this is all acrylic on panel.  I just picked up yesterday some Golden Acrylic Flow Release.  Still tinkering with it, but so far I like how it allows the colors to flow with less brushstrokes.  I have found myself using mostly Golden fluid acrylics in this piece which is a return to my first acrylics.  I like the fluid paint, though it does dry so quickly.

Visit Habit of Art today for an inspiring artist interview by Callie Thompson.  I particularly liked her advice for artists just starting including this very important reminder for all artists, "You can make a whole new rubric just by making what you make confidently and abundantly. Allow your work to evolve, each piece informs the next."  Think I'll have to clip that and the rest of her answer to that question above my work table.


Laura said...

what a quote. and a tantalizing peek that leaves me filled with anticipation:) looking forward to seeing the new painting.

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thanks Laura. I'm very curious to see what others think about it. A little different in some ways but in many ways not. So much fun to work on though!