Sunday, July 3, 2011

Slowly evolving

These two paintings have had many starts and stops.  I can't even count all the layers of paintings that did not make it underneath.  Yesterday, when the most recent layer was once again not working for me and I contemplated throwing them into a cupboard for a very long time, I instead painted over them both with a light gray (acrylic) paint.  After that dried, I painted over them with a darker gray paint and before that layer dried I applied wrinkled plastic wrap over the top.  I pressed it in, rubbed it in a few areas, and then peeled it off.  After that layer dried, and while keeping in mind what the intended subjects of the paintings were, I followed along the lines I found.  I didn't follow them exactly, more inspired by them until they took off on their own.  Then I thickly painted some more light gray around those lines.  And I have to say, even the next day, I am pleased with what I see.  Here's hoping this is the start of the final paintings.  Not sure how many more layers the canvas will hold anyway.


Heather said...

these are wonderful!~

annamaria said...

Love reading about your 'process'- I take for ever with most of my paintings, work and rework amd rework...-I am looking forward to your final paintings-have a great day-

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thank you Heather!

Annamaria - I sometimes feel like I can't rework a painting, as if I've spent so much time on it already I couldn't possibly redo it all. But I've been trying to ignore that feeling and just keep doing it until I"m happy. Here's hoping I get to the end someday.