Monday, July 18, 2011

In the studio

Yes, another journal has been added to the stack.  We won't talk about how many I now have in use (I'm not even sure).  This one just for daily practice, as I'm sure you noticed.

I also purchased a few Ampersand Aquaboard panels.  I'm so excited to try these out.  I love working in watercolor/gouache/etc. but the thought of framing work has always been daunting.  Don't have to frame these panels so I'm hoping I fall in love with them.

With the new panels, thought I'd try a new color on the sides.  Usually I use a black/brown paint or sometimes dark brown stain, but this time I'm going light.  A little creamy white with some dark accents.  A little tricky with these Aquaboards as I didn't want to get any of the acrylic paint on the top.  Lots of careful taping.  I am curious to see how it looks with the painting complete.

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