Saturday, July 23, 2011

A couple things

Well hello summer!  I think we might actually see a day or two of it before the clouds come back.  I cannot believe how cool and rainy it is here while other parts of the country are sweltering.  Even for the rainy Willamette Valley, this is odd weather indeed for July.

More doodles in acrylic gouache:

The acrylic gouache does not bleed through when painted over after it is completely dry.  Which is most of what I was experimenting with here.  Also tried using some Golden mediums mixed in and it worked though I liked the extreme matte quality of the gouache by itself better though I need to try it with some more matte mediums to be sure.

Found a great new podcast to try from the blog My Love for You.  The creator of that blog is hosting the podcast and although I believe she has only done a few so far they have been so amazing and I hope she does more (go to the blog, you'll see the link there for the podcast).  I listened last night to her interviewing Lisa Congdon.  It is funny how, for me anyway, just when I'm struggling with something in my work along comes something that I need to hear or see or read that will answer some questions or solve some problem.  I loved listening to Lisa's journey as an artist.  Her openness and honesty were truly inspiring and gave me some insight into my own work.