Friday, July 22, 2011


I mentioned in my last post I bought some Ampersand Aquabord panels to try.  They are interesting to paint on.  It does really feel like painting on paper, at least the texture of some papers, though there is a hardness.  I'm still trying to figure out an effective wash, particularly with the lighter colors, it tends to end up a bit blotchy or streaky for me so far.  And just to make my life more challenging, as if trying new materials isn't enough, I had to try out some new ideas I've been thinking about in terms of subject matter.  Sigh.  So things keep moving around and changing, which makes this panel kind of handy because you can almost totally remove the paint off it (a plus and a minus as you'll see if you keep reading).  I'm liking where things are now, but we'll see later today when I get to work again.

I did research these panels a little further and found that though Ampersand seems to recommend them primarily for watercolors, people have enjoyed using gouache and acrylic on them as well.  I found this comforting because there have been several frustrating moments when trying to apply color over an existing color I essentially end up removing both right down to the white panel.  Can't use too much water apparently.  I will keep trying, but it is nice to know that should I get to the point of no return I can just go over it with acrylic.

Also playing with Holbein Acryla Gouache (acrylic gouache):

This was done on paper, seeing how much blends after the paint is dry.  Still blends a bit, but much less so than watercolor or regular gouache (going to go over it again today to see if drying overnight changed anything).  And can I just say I love the look of this paint?  It is totally matte when dry  And so rich in color.  Course the three colors I bought (seen above) would be that way, but still.  I need to try an actual painting, or at least something a bit more than splotches, but I'm seeing more of this paint in my future. 

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