Thursday, June 23, 2011


If only I could include the scent of this rose in my post.  It is absolute heaven.  I think it is called Deep Secret.  I have a weakness for sweet smelling or unusually colored roses.  Here's one in bud:

It starts out a deep, dark red.  Perhaps the bright red inside is the secret?  I can see this rose and several more out my studio window.  A nice place to rest the eyes while painting.

I'm playing with some new ideas today.  Broadening the scope of my current painting project (that everlasting Lord and Schryver series).  Might include things like work on paper, handmade sketchbooks, sculpture, and perhaps a little book at the end?  Basically whatever I want, wherever I feel like the work should take me.  And I hope, when this series is complete, to follow it with another.  The ideas are swirling.  I like it that way.

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