Monday, April 11, 2011

Retreat: Day Two

Subtle shifts in thinking, in creating.  This is what I am hoping for from this retreat.  Of course radical changes could come too, I am open.  Meanwhile, here is what I did yesterday on the second day of my retreat.

Another watercolor sketch no doubt inspired by the forget-me-nots of Cathy Cullis:

One more sculpture of paperclay (need to buy some more!):

Still deciding whether or not I will paint any of it after it dries.

Some more work on my Lord and Schryver series but not enough to bother sharing a photo of them today.  I finished stage one on three of them and hope to on the rest today and then I'll share a photo of them all.

And finally I started a collage/mixed media piece:


(Sorry the lighting is not great this early in the morning.) 
Curious to see where that one goes.

That is it for creating but I also read some more, studied some more.  

As of the initial writing of this post, I am still deciding what I want to do today.  To stay home and work or study or to go out.  I'm thinking at least a trip to the art supply store.  Maybe.  I'll let you know tomorrow.

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