Friday, April 15, 2011

Retreat: Day 6, Final Day

So yesterday was the sixth and final day of my retreat.  In the morning, I visited the Bush Barn Museum (Salem Art Association) with Mary Lou Zeek (of the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery) to see the current shows.  So fun to visit with her and see the current exhibit through her eyes.

Then the rest of the day flew by with some more painting (the second half of the Lord and Schryver series and are very much still in progress):

Then I tried monoprinting with Golden fluid acrylics on my glass palette (really need to get some more appropriate tools) and I really enjoyed this much more than the previous ones with the Golden Open acrylics.  Both are good, I just preferred working with the fluids.  I just flooded the colors with water and moved very quickly as the paint dries quite fast.  Here are the results:

Then I painted just a little the first two sculptures I made earlier in the week.  Probably will do a little more with them but here they are:

(Sorry the second sculpture looks a bit dark in this photo.)

Thus ends the retreat.  I was going to add some thoughts to this post sort of to sum up my time but I think I'll either save that for another post or perhaps pepper them into future posts.  I want some time to digest everything and I really need to get this posted before the day is over (and almost is!).


Laura said...

i have really enjoyed reading about your retreat. thank you for sharing:)

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thanks Laura (and thanks for leaving a comment!). It was really helpful to blog the experience. Not only to document the journey but also to keep it going when perhaps I might have tired.