Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Retreat: Day 4

Yesterday I stopped in at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Salem, Oregon, to see the current exhibit by Doug Dacar and hoping to see Mary Lou herself, which I did.  The show is really interesting with layered, textured mixed media paintings and ceramics.  It was also fun to see the other sections of the gallery, it is always changing with new work by the various artists represented there.

I also worked on a bit of sculpture with my daughter.  Her piece is on the right:

And a few oil pastels, though this is the only one not to end up in the garbage:
A little more work on the mixed media/collage piece which you will see on the easel in my little studio corner:

I also worked on a couple of paintings in oil which are nearing completion (one has been in progress since I think September...).  But I'm not sharing photos of those today.
As it is so late in getting this out I could almost write Day 5's post but I'll wait hoping to work some more tonight.  It was a good day, trip to the Hallie Ford Museum.  But I'll wait to share until tomorrow.

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