Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Retreat: Day 3

So for Day 3 I did get out for a little bit.  I went to pick up some art supplies and also found out about a source for plexiglass to use on the monoprints.  A good thing as I have been using a very old linoleum block (I think it was my great grandmother's if you can believe it).  It works tolerably well, but glass or the like would be much better so I will have to go get a piece.

Since there was a brief break in the rain, I stopped by the Union Street Railroad Bridge right near downtown Salem to take some photographs of the Willamette river.  I'll post a few shots of that at the end of this post.  The bridge was a railroad bridge originally but was recently converted into a pedestrian/bicycle bridge and I think it takes you to a park on the other side.  I've never gone over the entire way but will one of these days.

Here is what I worked on for the day:

A monoprint (I worked on a second but it was awful):

I finished the first stage on the Lord and Schryver series:

Next they are getting coats of acrylic gel mediums before moving onto the next stage.  I expect them to change greatly as I'm thinking about some abstract/expressionist elements layering over the existing paintings (I've probably said that many times before...).

And finally, watercolor sketches:

I read and watched a documentary called The Eloquent Nude about the photographer Edward Weston and Charis Wilson.  Beautiful photography of course but I was captivated with Charis Wilson discussing their work and relationship.

Today I am going to the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery to see the new exhibit, playing with a new sculpture (I bought some more clay, still air-dry but not paperclay this time), more sketches, more painting (probably oil today).

And now for the bridge photos:

So glad they transformed the unused bridge rather than removing it.

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