Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out and about

Today I visited the Oregon State Capitol to view the extensive art collection housed there.  I recently purchased this book:

Art of the Time Oregon's State Capitol Art Collection (I've linked it to an online version) which is a catalog of the State art collection.  The physical publication is inexpensive (I think I picked mine up for $5 in the basement of the capitol building).  There is a photograph of almost each piece in the collection (ones not included are either deteriorated or are missing...a mystery! makes me wonder).  I purchased my copy of the book a few weeks ago then studied the pieces and made notes of where to find my favorites.  I ended up with a lengthy list and spent the morning visiting all sorts of areas of the capitol building I've never seen before.  I found all but three pieces and pretty much saw almost the entire collection as well (I'll have to go back for those last three, I was too tired to ask for help by the end).

I took notes on pieces I liked (and a few on ones that didn't do anything for me, still can learn something from them too).  This is so helpful for me to grow in my own work.  By seeing what I like (and don't like) in the work of others, I can better explore these preferences in my own work.  

Afterwords, I made some progress on these paintings:

I think stage two on the Lord and Schryver paintings is now complete and onto stage three (and possibly the final stage?).  Not exactly sure what I am doing next on each of them but I expect it will all come together in the end.

And then visited a local glass shop for a piece of acrylic glass (I guess that is what you call it?) to use in monoprinting.  So easy and cheap, I can't believe I didn't get one sooner.  So looking forward to using it.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I like the way you work on different paintings simultaneously!! And this: "I took notes on pieces I liked (and a few on ones that didn't do anything for me, still can learn something from them too"

Elizabeth Bauman said...

I prefer to work on multiple things at once. Seems to be about the way my brain functions with about anything these days. It does come with risk, though, as I've often abandoned paintings when new ideas come along. Still, as long as I can reuse them somehow not a total loss.