Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today I went to Borders and stocked up on some reading material for my artist retreat.  One book and several artist magazines including one called Selvedge.  Never heard of it before and although it is not exactly what I was looking for I just couldn't resist.  Here is a sample:

An indulgence as was the book but as this really is my only expense for the retreat I decided to treat myself.  The hard part is I am not going to look at any of these until the retreat starts on Saturday.  Very difficult to resist!   Particularly this morning when I stopped for a coffee at the bookstore after my purchase.  Fortunately I had a book with me.

The rest of the stack includes: Acrylic Renovation by Nancy Reyner, Artforum, The Artist Magazine, and ARTnews.

You might have noticed those two little oddities under the magazines.  The one on the left is a board I use to try out new materials.  My daughter (who is 4) was fascinated by it.  So many textures and iridescent colors.  I let her create her own using various paints and mediums.  This is a work in progress:

Although I helped, the creation is all hers.  She plans to work on it tomorrow and paint over the top with some translucent and shimmery colors.  It was so much for to show her the different things you can do with the paint like dripping and swirling.  She says the working title is "Big Condition Manition".  I'll let you interpret that one for yourself.

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