Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the studio

I have been trying to balance my time between finishing up some larger paintings and trying out some new pieces and new ideas.  It is always challenging for me to finish the old before starting the new.  If I haven't done very much with a piece, I often end up either painting over or putting it away.  But when a painting is very close to being done I try very hard to push myself to finish.

However, it is so very difficult when I have all sorts of ideas I want to try on something new.  So I'm doing a little of both right now.  Below is something new in progress and I'm calling this stage one:

The under painting is done and now I'm adding various gel mediums to the top before I move on to stage two.  Haven't decided yet what stage two will bring but I have a couple of ideas.  There will be at least one more stage and those details are even more foggy.  I suspect those stages will totally change the soft, pleasant landscape you see here.  I have several more in progress from my Lord and Schryver-inspired series but they are not quite so far along.  I'll share more about them soon I hope.  Similar palette and stages so it gives you an idea.  (And by the way, under this painting was an older, unfinished painting.  One I set aside many paintings ago.  At least the panel was not wasted.)

Here's a bit of my "studio" (aka corner of the kitchen).  I'm using all sorts of mediums right now and, other than having to put one away before bringing out another (due to the space), it has been really fun having the variety.

This coming weekend I begin my "artist retreat".  Still planning a few details but here's what my plan is so far.  First, lots of painting and other art making, naturally.  Next, visit museums and galleries for inspiration and education.  Then, go hiking/walking somewhere in the area with my camera and take lots of inspiring photographs for later.  And finally, I hope to peruse artist magazines, books, and watch some art documentaries.  Really, just try to keep the focus on art as much as I can take it (and I can usually take quite a bit of art).  I'll try to journal the whole thing here as much as possible.

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