Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to My New Studio/Inspiration Blog

I have decided to start this blog back up as a studio/inspirations journal for my art. I wrote a post on my other blog about how this decision came about and I don't want to repeat it all here so if you haven't seen that post, and are curious, please go here.

My idea for this blog is to keep it a casual journal of studio work, ideas, inspirations but not a showcase for my finished work. For that you would want to visit my other blog. I will keep that one strictly for finished work and upcoming show information. But there will be some crossover here. I will show some finished pieces, particularly if I have been sharing a lot of the process. I will also share upcoming show information because that is what is happening in my little art world.

So if you are interested in the process, the life, the ramblings, etc. of an artist I hope you will join me here.

The inspiration for all this, again without repeating myself, were my multiple journals. I thought I'd share more about them on this blog.

The stack above includes these journals (from top to bottom): 1. a mixed media journal where I glue things, draw things, complain, store ideas, and whatever else I feel like, 2. sketch journal for figure paintings, 3. a writing journal (for daily stuff and ideas), 4. new watercolor sketch book, 5. new abstract/expressionist paintings sketch book (more about those later), and 6 and 7 are more sketch journals for larger sketches. These are just the current ones. I have hoards of unfinished art/writing journals stashed around my cupboards but I am not currently using any of them.

One of my favorites is my mixed media journal. I love how it barely stays closed and I am curious to see how it looks when it is full. I stick all sorts of clippings, interesting papers, and doodles in here. Here's a look at a page:

I just do whatever I want in it and often go back over pages to glue on new things or cover up things I don't like anymore. I don't work in any of these journals with the intention of sharing them as I think that would stifle me but I am amused to think of someone in the future trying to piece all the journals together chronologically. Putting all the pieces together from each of the books. Assuming anyone would be interested in such a thing.

Thanks for joining me here! Can't say how often I will stop in but I'm hoping it will be fairly regularly.

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